Usable Art

Very hard at work in the studio this week as I am preparing a selection of items that I would refer to as usable art. Not all people feel the immediate need to appropriate an original piece of art but still very much appreciate it. So coming up with items that can be useful in some way, and yet reflect my artistic style, well, that's what I am after. Not trying to reinvent the wheel but sometimes opening people up to the idea they can own something artful and unique albeit a "something that gives a functional purpose". In my mind, this gives a person permission to start exploring my art and who knows, somewhere down the line they might just be eventual buyers of my originals. 

Here is an example of what I mean: 

Here we have the common coffee or tea mug that has now become a way for someone to appreciate my artwork every time they take a sip. Check the link to my etsy shop below