Easing into Summer

Summer is so brief in our neck of the woods you just don't want to waste a moment. Anticipating all the traditional family goings on and adding a few more (and sadly, probably not having everyone present when they used to be such a fixture) So to me , I am reminded that on this memorial day weekend, of the countless men and women that fought and insured that we can indeed enjoy our summers - and all seasons. Without their commitment it would be all moot. 

Poppies have long been known to commemorate the fallen. I love to paint them:

poppies in progress- watercolor on canvas

poppies in progress- watercolor on canvas

close up detail

close up detail

Don't let summer slip on by, savor every last morsel!

Usable Art

Very hard at work in the studio this week as I am preparing a selection of items that I would refer to as usable art. Not all people feel the immediate need to appropriate an original piece of art but still very much appreciate it. So coming up with items that can be useful in some way, and yet reflect my artistic style, well, that's what I am after. Not trying to reinvent the wheel but sometimes opening people up to the idea they can own something artful and unique albeit a "something that gives a functional purpose". In my mind, this gives a person permission to start exploring my art and who knows, somewhere down the line they might just be eventual buyers of my originals. 

Here is an example of what I mean: 

Here we have the common coffee or tea mug that has now become a way for someone to appreciate my artwork every time they take a sip. Check the link to my etsy shop below



Ahh fresh canvas!

There is something really appealing about that fresh space, blank canvas, or new sheet of paper. Aside from the traditional staring at that blank page and becoming paralyzed, beyond there is that sense of adventure, that anything IS possible. I CAN, I WILL!  because I MUST! So join me with a new page turned onto this crisp virgin web site and along the way as it becomes worn, filled in, coffee stained and comfortable, perhaps we can become acquaintances that speak the universal language of art. Peace!